About Us

Life Changing Faith Church History

Life-Changing Faith Christian Fellowship (Life-Changing Faith) is a nondenominational Christian Church in Frisco, Texas – one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. We are currently meeting in our new facility located at 7185 Main st, Frisco, TX 75034.

Life-Changing Faith officially started forming on November 3rd 2007 in the Frisco home of our founding Pastor Dono W. Pelham. The launch team of Life-Changing Faith is a group of Christ filled, professional men and women who had interacted on a number of prior occasions as friends sharing love, food and fellowship. Their relationship grew over time in intimacy and authenticity into the launch team of the Church, Life-Changing Faith.

Life-Changing Faith has at its core three main foundational pillars upon which all we do is built. We are a Church that values sound Bible theology. We seek to teach the Scriptures of the Holy Bible with compelling theological accuracy. Our goal is to learn about God through the special revelation of His inspired Word so we can grow in our knowledge of and trust in Him for all things and in all things.

Our second foundational pillar is that we are a Church that understands and embraces the life-changing power of authentic relationships with each other. During the teaching and preaching venues of our worship services, we learn about the timeless truths and principles of God’s Holy Word. It is however in community – in our interaction with each other that we get to see and practice these truths and principles. It is in the venue of authentic relationships that we get to love and be loved, forgive and be forgiven, encourage and be encouraged, affirm and be affirmed and disciple and be discipled all to God’s glory and to our benefit.

Our third foundational pillar is seeking the lost for Christ. We feel that those who don’t know Christ – those who have not trusted Christ as their Lord and Savior are important to Christ and therefore are important to us. We seek to reach the lost by sharing with them sincere and accepting love and by building within them a life-changing faith in Christ.